Limiting Screen Time When We Fear Mess

Limiting Screen Time When We Fear Mess Limiting Screen Time When We Fear Mess

Many busy parents face this dilemma daily: we want our kids to spend less time looking at screens but love the convenience of an engaging activity that they can do independently and that doesn’t require long clean-up times. Even though we know our kids benefit from hands-on creativity, we fear messy projects that will create more work and potentially cause damage to our homes. We are busy parents and often feel that we need our kids to be engaged and entertained without making a mess. As much as we want them to get off their devices, this fear of mess causes us to make rules that hinder their freedom to commit to creative learning and development. 

This problem inspired us to create the UpSides Mat and is more relevant now than ever with long periods stuck at home due to remote schooling and quarantines. We found that if you give kids the right tools to be able to contain their mess without feeling inhibited, they will happily do so knowing that mom and dad will let them do the messy activities again (more slime? Sure!). Our uniquely designed mat has enough space for all of their supplies and their work/play so they have plenty of room to be creative. 

There have been many studies showing the benefits of creative and sensory play in children’s mental and emotional development. Creativity is good for their brain and good for their happiness. Say goodbye to too much screen time and hello to creative fun with the UpSides Mat!